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Don't Let Go of the Sun' Painting by Kirsty Whyatt Closed

Don't Let Go of the Sun' Painting by Kirsty Whyatt

Current Bid £750
Bidder Fiona Richardson
Bids Placed9
This item is now closed

Step into a world where colours dance and emotions speak louder than words with this captivating prize: an original painting by the talented Kirsty Whyatt titled "Don't Let Go of the Sun." Measuring 25x25cm and crafted with acrylic on panel, this masterpiece is more than just art—it's a journey through the depths of female resilience.

Encased in a sleek black tray frame, this artwork is not just a feast for the eyes but a testament to the strength of the human spirit. "Don't Let Go of the Sun" is more than strokes on canvas; it's a narrative of courage, overcoming fear, and embracing vulnerability with unwavering hope and optimism.

Every brushstroke tells a story, every hue a chapter in the saga of empowerment. Bid now to bring home this symbol of resilience and let it inspire you every day to hold onto your own sun, no matter how stormy the skies may seem.

Terms & Conditions:
By bidding and winning this auction item, you have the ability to take it home with you after the Charity Raceday. Upon winning please speak to a member of Macmillan to collect your prize. If you are unable to collect on the day, Macmillan can provide delivery of your item at an additional fee, to cover any costs.

Kindly donated by Kirsty Whyatt